Thursday, May 26, 2011

Been busy!

I am so sorry I have neglected my blog :(  Forgives me!!!

I have been really busy working on new clips and improving the ones I had.

This is one of my new favorites!!!!  Our lovely little ladybug!  She's only $1.00 too.  She is so cute I wear one to work all the time but...

I usually wear a tiny boutique bow with it!  I'll be making more boutique bows too.  Also we have another new buggie clip in out shop.

Our buzzing bumble bee.  How cute is he!  This is the only bee I will ever let near my hair... he doesn't have a stinger.  hehe

So I promise I will be doing more updates and hopefully joining more hops and maybe start get our product out for review.

As always if you ever have a question e-mail me or come see us on Facebook!

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