Friday, March 25, 2011

Giveaway, Day Jobs, and Food

  So we are getting a few new sponsors!!  Yay!  More to be added soon!  I'm so excited, we even have a few large name sponsors! :-O  Hopefully our new fans will like what they see!

  Also just an FYI I'll be a bit busier than usual at my day job.  Didn't realize it till it was to late, but we have multiple people on vacation at the same time (eek) so I got a lot more hours.  So I will still be answering e-mails and trying to post some updates, just be warned it'll take me a bit.  

  Also since I'm working more this week, I'm trying to plan out dinners a bit more so that I can eat leftovers the next day.  I am in need of some new recipes!  I don't have access to lots of meat, but I have veggies out the wazoo (wow that's a fun word).  If you can post me some or leave me a link I would be so grateful!  

  Have a great week!

  Bright Blessings

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