Friday, February 4, 2011

Mail Time!

So I know that hubs and I are still trying for children, but I see no problem in being prepared.  Thus said I have been entering all the giveaways I can!  Today I got something I have been looking forward to!  It's a BabyBond!  If you haven't heard of them here is a  link to their website

I do have my heart set on breastfeeding, or at least giveing it a try.  When I saw this as a giveaway I instantly in love.  I think I entered a total of 3 giveaways for one before I actually won.  So it came in the mail today and I have to say I can't wait! 

I love the fact it comes with it's own holder!  I got the black since I wear it the most and the fact I love black. Lol. 

(Sorry for the bad picture) This is how it looks totally rolled out, it comes with a burp cloth and it also has a place to hold it in place. 

So all in all it really is nice, wonderfully made.  It fits really nice to, though no picture of that, I was getting ready for work and was able to snap a few pictures before running off. 

Also totally random I am so glad I finally figured out how to post pictures!!!

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