Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shopping, Movies, & Food

Also known as DATE NIGHT! Lol so Bryce got the day off today and so did I. We ran into town and got a few errands done for his mom, and decided to use 2 of our free movie passes to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. A totally awesome movie! I've read all the books, some more than once, and though they can't get all the details and such they did a pretty good job. They stopped in about the best place they could have, though personally just make it a 5 hour movie! I want to see it all!! Lol.

We then went to Goodwill and Wallmart, got a few things. I got a book on how to work light into photography, the musical CATS (love it!), a pair of slipper socks, and some coffee filters. I about died when I didn't have any filters for my coffee. Finally on the way home we stopped at a new restaurant, it's called Amazing Joe's. It's a steak house, and omg is the food good! They have a very simple menu, but they make the food so well there really isn't a need to over do it. I had the Chicken Bacon Alfredo, a really nice sized portion and was cooked perfect. Bryce on the other hand had the Fugedaboudit (forget about it) Burger. This thing is HUGE! This is what it says on the menu:

Our towering burger stacks up over 1/2 foot tall! 100% fresh Angus beef, onion rings, Cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce, a fried egg, Jack cheese, steak-cut fries, mozzarella sticks AND of course - bacon! And that's just your burger...then choose your choice of side for the above selections.

No joke... it honestly had it all and it wasn't just one onion ring, or just a couple fries. This was just... omg amazing. And the taste was just as big! I had a couple bites and it really tasted good. This coming from a girl who loves to eat and is picky on what she puts together (fried egg, fries, and mozzarella sticks... lol). So yea in a nut shell it was amazing and half of the food is in my fridge and will be enjoyed tomorrow.

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