Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh my I won!

So I have been really into entering giveaways and I have actually won a couple things!

The first was a T-shirt from Dressing On The Side.  I won the giveaway through  Baby Deary.  I got the "Morning Buzz" mens t-shirt, and it fits like a glove!  And omg soooo soft!  I actually have it on now XD it's just so comfy!  I'm hoping to get a couple more for my sister, especially the LOVE one.  I mean what sisters don't need more love? Lol

The second giveaway I won (I just saw today YAY) is a $25 gift certificate from  Theme Decor Stores.  They have 3 stores Theme Kitchen, Theme Bath, and Theme Nursery.  I got to choose one store and I choose the Theme Bath.  I'm so excited!  This is exactly what hubby and I needed to start re-decorating our apartment!  I think I am going to choose the Mosaic Toothbrush Holder since we have blue in our bath right now, and I'd like to get some other colors too.  Eventually getting the tumbler and the soap holder as well, we just really really need the toothbrush holder. Lol

So I'll probably be linking more giveaways now, mostly the ones I'm super interested in, now that I figured out how to link. Lol  Though the next thing I need to learn is about comments.


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