Thursday, January 13, 2011

I have new respect for my mother...

So I haven't been feeling quite up to par the last couple days and today isn't any better.  Mostly sinuses are inflamed, nothing major, but still makes you feel like crap.  All I really wanted to do was sleep and maybe take a hot hot shower.  They seem to be the only thing that helps.

But regardless I decided that since it's my last day off (I usually get 2-3 in a row) before I have to work all weekend I better get some dishes done.  Now a quick background on me (oh boy) I honestly despise doing dishes unless I have dishwasher, then I'm ok....but of course our lovely apartment doesn't have one.  So I get to do them by hand (can you say nasty).

But I must say I now have a new appreciation for my mother.  I never thought about it but I can't remember many times when she was sick.  I mean, sick to the point of just laying in bed.  Now I know she was and just thinking about everything she did for my sister, my dad, and I... it just floors me.

So my break is now up and I have to get back to washing.

Till next time

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