Monday, January 31, 2011

Waiting for the storm

OK so I'm sure the whole USA knows but there is a snow storm that is getting ready to attack.  As of now (7:15pm Indiana) we are expected to get an inch of ice and then another 3-6 inches of snow on top of that.  The news stations are saying this could be one of the top 5 worst storms.  Ugh.

So good news I am off for the next two days when it's supposed to be bad.  That's the extent of the good news. Hubby still has to go to work, unless they A. Have no power B. There are no people coming in.  I'm kinda hoping that he doesn't go in but as much as I don't want him to we really do need the money.  Also not great news but I have a feeling I'm going to be called into work tomorrow night if someone calls off or doesn't show up.  Reason I would go is that I only live 2 miles away, so it's not as bad as someone driving 45min to come in just to be sent home.

So in preparation of this wonderful ice storm and the chance of no power, I have been cooking some no heat meals.  Well 2 that I had to do ahead of time.  I made some spaghetti with tomato sauce, something that isn't to bad cold/ room temp.  I also made some home made biscuits, always good cold with some honey.  Since we are down to $1.00 in our bank account going to the store tonight is out of the question.  Though with all the hype this storm is getting I doubt I would want to go anyway.  I hate being in a store and not able to hear myself think and/ or run into people every two seconds.

There is really not much to worry about, we'll survive.  Just probably won't be online much.

To everyone who is also affected by this, be safe!

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Need your imput

So I am trying to decide on what I want the theme of my blog to be, so I set up a poll in the right hand bar.  If you could please vote I would really appreciate it! <3

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So I am really starting to love these giveaways! Lol, I mean it's bad.  My Facebook is now over run with wonderful WAHM stores, and so many of them (me included) post giveaways.

One day I would love to be able to do some reviews... but I guess I would need followers for that huh? Oh well maybe one day I'll pick a subject to talk about...instead of just me and mine Lol.

Oh ya anyone have some ideas on what needs talked about?? XD

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Am I really debating this?

Ok so I really haven't touched on the fact that my husband and I are trying to start a family.  Just to make a really long story short, I had some medical problems for the first 2 years of our marriage, so I can't count that as really "trying."  I finally got to a doctor and after some debating we figured out I was severely anemic and needed iron pills along with a 10 day hormone pill.  Anyways now things are coming back to "normal" and we have been trying for about 4 months.  Which now brings us to the present.

I have had many of my friends give birth, all in a hospital using as much pain medication as they could.  I always thought this was just how it was supposed to be.  A woman in agony, rushed into the ER, poked and prodded with needles giving her all the pain management she needed.  This was until I started learning from a friend (who had this kind of birth) that this wasn't the truth.

There were other options, no medication, no screaming "PUSH", heck not even being at the hospital at all.  This was news to me, and of course finding this out I ran straight for the internet to do some research of my own.  I found so many women that had beautiful births, some in their own home and in their bed, comforted by loved ones while she labored in peace.  This is what I would want, I thought, this is how birth should be.

So I kept learning, and talking to people.  Of course labor is painful and there is always the chance something could go wrong, but wouldn't that pain be quickly forgotten when you reach down and take your child in your arms?  I would think so.  So after all the reading I decided that even though I am not pregnant yet, this is what I wanted for us. Me, my husband, and our child.

That was at least...until last night.

On Monday's my husband and I go have dinner at my family's house.  This Monday was no different until the topic of children came up.  I honestly don't remember how we got on the topic, but I know I didn't expect it.  We finally got on the topic of birth, and I had mentioned I didn't want pain killers at all, I wanted it to be safe for both me and the baby.  When I said this my mom and sister just laughed.  "You're joking right?" my sister laughed, "Not me, I don't want to feel anything, just pull the thing out of me."  My mother just shook her head.

"Why would you want to do that when they have safe painkillers for you?"  I then told her about the Pitocin and Epidural circle.  She just shrugged it off, and said "Well you'll probably have to have a c-section anyway. I've heard that plus sized women can't have a regular birth."  I told her that wasn't the case and that most women could have a totally normal birth if they wanted, which my sister responded "Uh normal is with painkillers stupid."  I tried ending the conversation many times, each time someone would keep it going.  And at one point my husband even joined in!  My sister had said, "Can I get this on paper?  I want to show it to you when you're screaming in pain."  Then my husband joined in saying "Yeah while you're at it you might want to find me a plastic hand.  That way she can squeeze it instead, I would rather all the bones in my hand not be broken." Then of course...more laughing.

I couldn't believe it.  I was totally shattered.  My family, who I thought would be supportive, was laughing at a choice I had made.  Even my husband who had seen the reading I had been doing, was laughing at me.  I was so upset I just wanted to leave.

When we did finally leave I asked my husband to be totally honest with me.  I wanted to know if he thought I was just wanting to be brave by choosing to not take the painkillers.  He said yes...I honestly was crushed at that time.  He went on to tell me that the women in the clips I had been watching had a much higher pain tolerance than I did.  He said, "How do you expect labor to be? Easy? Quick?  How do you think you can deal with a contraction when a period cramp kills you.  You'd never be able to do it."

After that my mind just went blank.  Do I really not have what it takes?  Should I just go to the hospital like a "normal" person and take the drugs?  Do I want to meet my child for the first time groggy and drugged up, not being able to nurse him/her for a few hours while I wake up?

Part of me thinks I should just give in and be normal.  I mean hundreds of women give birth that way every day, why should I be special?  They have healthy, happy babies and that's what really matters right?  It shouldn't matter what I want, I'm just there to make the baby.  I don't know how to give birth, only a doctor would...right?

I can't believe I'm honestly debating this... I thought I knew what I wanted.  I thought I knew what was best for me and my baby.  Now... I'm just not sure.  Would it be easier to just go with the flow, and not have to deal with my family saying i'm stupid? Probably.  But is it worth risking the health of my child... or mine for that matter?  Is it worth having an "emergency" c-section because of the Pitocin/ Epidural circle?

I just don't know anymore.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I have new respect for my mother...

So I haven't been feeling quite up to par the last couple days and today isn't any better.  Mostly sinuses are inflamed, nothing major, but still makes you feel like crap.  All I really wanted to do was sleep and maybe take a hot hot shower.  They seem to be the only thing that helps.

But regardless I decided that since it's my last day off (I usually get 2-3 in a row) before I have to work all weekend I better get some dishes done.  Now a quick background on me (oh boy) I honestly despise doing dishes unless I have dishwasher, then I'm ok....but of course our lovely apartment doesn't have one.  So I get to do them by hand (can you say nasty).

But I must say I now have a new appreciation for my mother.  I never thought about it but I can't remember many times when she was sick.  I mean, sick to the point of just laying in bed.  Now I know she was and just thinking about everything she did for my sister, my dad, and I... it just floors me.

So my break is now up and I have to get back to washing.

Till next time

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh my I won!

So I have been really into entering giveaways and I have actually won a couple things!

The first was a T-shirt from Dressing On The Side.  I won the giveaway through  Baby Deary.  I got the "Morning Buzz" mens t-shirt, and it fits like a glove!  And omg soooo soft!  I actually have it on now XD it's just so comfy!  I'm hoping to get a couple more for my sister, especially the LOVE one.  I mean what sisters don't need more love? Lol

The second giveaway I won (I just saw today YAY) is a $25 gift certificate from  Theme Decor Stores.  They have 3 stores Theme Kitchen, Theme Bath, and Theme Nursery.  I got to choose one store and I choose the Theme Bath.  I'm so excited!  This is exactly what hubby and I needed to start re-decorating our apartment!  I think I am going to choose the Mosaic Toothbrush Holder since we have blue in our bath right now, and I'd like to get some other colors too.  Eventually getting the tumbler and the soap holder as well, we just really really need the toothbrush holder. Lol

So I'll probably be linking more giveaways now, mostly the ones I'm super interested in, now that I figured out how to link. Lol  Though the next thing I need to learn is about comments.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh the snow

So woke up this morning to snow.  Ugh.  Don't get me wrong snow is beautiful to look at and photograph, but driving in it....a nightmare.  Thankfully I have the next few days off so I don't have to go into town, though I think I will since we need groceries.

I've been trying to work on taking some pictures lately, but with no luck.  I don't have a great camera, it's a Nikon point and click.  Been trying to get some clearer pictures using the Macro and ISO functions but no luck yet.  Hopefully I can get some pictures worth sharing. Lol  I'm my own worst critic.

In other news I am sewing an apron for the first time, going to finish the straps and pockets today.  I finally got sick of all the food splatters and water splashing on me when I would cook or do dishes (we don't have a dishwasher).  I'll have to have hubby take a picture of me later wearing it.


Friday, January 7, 2011


Not much to really say tonight, been feeling icky.  Probably will be trying to get some orange juice, for some odd reason it seems to help me when meds can't :S  Go figure.

But in other news work has seriously cut my hours.  I was getting about 30 hours around the holidays...but now i'm lucky to get 15.  No idea what we're going to do either, still have bills to pay and hubby's check goes to pay our rent.  Ugh.  I think that's pretty much it for my randomness!  See ya!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shopping, Movies, & Food

Also known as DATE NIGHT! Lol so Bryce got the day off today and so did I. We ran into town and got a few errands done for his mom, and decided to use 2 of our free movie passes to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. A totally awesome movie! I've read all the books, some more than once, and though they can't get all the details and such they did a pretty good job. They stopped in about the best place they could have, though personally just make it a 5 hour movie! I want to see it all!! Lol.

We then went to Goodwill and Wallmart, got a few things. I got a book on how to work light into photography, the musical CATS (love it!), a pair of slipper socks, and some coffee filters. I about died when I didn't have any filters for my coffee. Finally on the way home we stopped at a new restaurant, it's called Amazing Joe's. It's a steak house, and omg is the food good! They have a very simple menu, but they make the food so well there really isn't a need to over do it. I had the Chicken Bacon Alfredo, a really nice sized portion and was cooked perfect. Bryce on the other hand had the Fugedaboudit (forget about it) Burger. This thing is HUGE! This is what it says on the menu:

Our towering burger stacks up over 1/2 foot tall! 100% fresh Angus beef, onion rings, Cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce, a fried egg, Jack cheese, steak-cut fries, mozzarella sticks AND of course - bacon! And that's just your burger...then choose your choice of side for the above selections.

No joke... it honestly had it all and it wasn't just one onion ring, or just a couple fries. This was just... omg amazing. And the taste was just as big! I had a couple bites and it really tasted good. This coming from a girl who loves to eat and is picky on what she puts together (fried egg, fries, and mozzarella sticks... lol). So yea in a nut shell it was amazing and half of the food is in my fridge and will be enjoyed tomorrow.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm FLYing!!!

Ok so since I've been putting it off for way to long, I am now FLYing! I'm currently shining my sink! For those of your who don't know what FLYing is check out! In short Flylady is all about making habits and in one month changing your mindset and being able to keep a clean and organized house.

I just started the beginner baby steps, and I am going to do my best to keep this going! I'm tired of living in CHAOS (can't have any over syndrome). So I know I said no resolutions, but I lied I am going to FLY this year!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

So it's now 1-1-11! First off I'm not making a resolution this year, well not really at least. I just want to continue on from what I started last year. I want to continue to eat healthier, cook better, and learn all I can about everything Lol. There is something I am wanting to try this year though I haven't before. Growing plants in our downtown apartment.

The reason this is so hard is because we have no balcony, back porch, nada. The closest things we have are the old fire escape that isn't functioning or the roof of the building next to us. Either way not a great choice. I want to start out simple, herbs and maybe some cherry tomatoes. I'm going to try and find as much info as I can, I'll link the best of what I find here. Even though at the moment I have no followers X_X

Oh well lol, have a happy new year none the less!