Thursday, December 30, 2010

And so end the Holidays~

Hey everyone! So it's after Christmas and can I just say it was awesome but crazy at the same time? So lets see where to start.... how about the night before Christmas. So got home from work and had to finish wrapping all the gifts, Bryce got home I believe around 8 and we watched "Cats and Dogs Revenge of Kitty Galore." Cute movie, but nothing I'd wright home about. So after I finished wrapping, laundry, and packing we finally went to bed.

So Christmas day we were able to sleep in till around 9am. Got everything loaded into the truck and headed into town to go see Bryce's grandmother. We spent some time with her, not enough in my opinion (I love Mickey).

Then we headed up to the nursing home to see his mother, Connie. She didn't know we were coming, though everyone else did, and we picked a great day. The lady at the front desk told us that she had been depressed today as no one had called or come to see her. She instantly perked up when she saw us. We also stayed and had lunch with her. The food was surprisingly good, though of course the portions were smaller than we're used to but good none the less. We took her back to her room after we were done and talked for a little while before heading out again.

Before we stopped at my families house we ran a few errands, though on Christmas day... what the heck is open??? CVS and Walgreens XD But anywho we got there and had a nice dinner and opened our gifts. Bryce and I got new pots and pans, movies, some clothes and slippers, as well as Adobe Photoshop! We cleaned everything up and headed to bed since we were getting up early the next morning.

Bryce and I were the first up and got everything ready and was were able to relax before heading on our 3 hour trip, which on it's own was eventful... ok so story time!

We were up in Kokomo picking up a gift card for my uncle. We parked outside the door just under the breeze way. My mother was driving and got out to go get it when she fell on some black ice. Now a quick word about my mother, after a car wreck she has herniated and slipped disks so if she falls the wrong way she could be paralyzed. So I was crocheting when she got out and I didn't see her fall, what I did hear was my little sister, who was in the back seat, yell mom and jump out. I looked up just in time to see her fall as well. So in hello kitty slippers i got out and went to see if she was ok. And to keep a really long story short, the resturant filed a report and will be paying for all her medical bills, which I'm sure will add up since as of right now she has a broken left wrist and a messed up right shoulder.

We finally made it up to my grandmothers house and my mom and dad went to the hospital. The rest of us helped out around the house. The boys put together a tv stand and my sister and I helped cook dinner and unloaded the van.

We had a really nice time while we were up there. Got to see lots of my family and got some wonderful gifts. We got home made candy, candles, a blanket, and a gift card to Pizza Hut. As always Mamaw made way to much food and candy so of course it all went home with Bryce and me. I think i have enough chocolate covered pretzels, peanut brittle, cereal, and chocolate cashews to last me till next Christmas... which it might just do. Even though I didn't want to leave we packed everything up and took the ride back home, stopping to pick up my parents dog.

So I guess that brings us back to today. Got home and just tossed everything in the kitchen and went to bed. We had to get up at 4am since I had to be at work at 5am and Bryce had to donate blood. Needless to say.... sleep sounds really good which I think I will be doing here soon.

Till next time!!

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