Thursday, December 23, 2010

Almost Christmas Time

So today is the night before the night before Christmas. Lol try saying that three times fast. Bryce and I have been busy working and getting ready to go up to my grandmother's house for Christmas. We've got all the clothes packed, just working on the last little things now. Actually we won't be there for Christmas, but the day after. The day of Christmas will be a bit busy for us as we will be going to see Bryce's grandmother, mother, and my family all in the same day. Busy yes, but it should be fun none the less.

As for being done with my shopping... I'm close. All I need to buy for are my mom, grandma, and sister. The rest of my family (who don't read this blog Lol) will be getting "Fields Family Midnight Blizzard Hot Cocoa Mix." It's a gift in a jar. :) Simple and sweet. I still have to put them together and bag them up, which I also made! I'll try and get a picture up on my next post.

Okay... so... hm.... oh yea I got started entering giveaways again! I use to do them before I got more hours at work, but a friend of mine started winning (yay!) and got me back into it! Plus I love reading everyone's blogs! Everything from cloth diapers (yay again) to clothing. I haven't won anything yet, but it's given me a lot of ideas on things I may need in the future!

Well I think that's it for now, I'll try and get some pictures uploaded either tonight or tomorrow.


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BabyDeary said...

Good Morning! You are the winner for the Dressing on the Side tshirt giveaway!!! Yippy!!! Please contact me so that I can send your email address to Dressing on the Side & you can choose a tshirt for them to send! Congratulations again!!!!
Thanks & have a great day!!